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NFL Super Bowl Odds - Early look at the Best Bets


NFL: Super Bowl Odds Could Shift After Draft

I’m still high on the New York Giants even though Tom Brady is back for the New England Patriots. The Patriots, strangely, have gone up in the NFL betting odds since Tom started throwing well.

Just eight weeks ago the Pats were at +450 to win the 2010 Super Bowl. Now, they’re at +600. Are they a better bet at +600? Yes, they are, but they might still be an overlay as a very good, and as of now underrated, AFC team is ranked ahead of them on my list.

Let’s take a look at the NFL Power Rankings.

NFL Power Rankings with Super Bowl Odds

1. New York Giants +1100 - - The biggest issue the G-Men face is that they don’t have a great wide receiver. Really? That’s it? Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham don’t have enough time to get good for quarterback Eli Manning? Excuse me, but if that’s the biggest issue then I’m all over the Giants to win the Super Bowl in 2010. They have the deepest and most talented defensive front seven in football. Not only that, but I challenge anyone to come up with a more formidable running game. Lest we forget, the Patriots won more than one Super Bowl with the likes of Troy Brown at wideout. Why can’t the G-Men?

2. Baltimore Ravens +2200 - - This is just ridiculous. One of the best defenses in football last year keeps most of their better defenders during free agency, picks up some help on both offense and defense in the draft, gets to start a quarterback with some experience after a fantastic rookie year and has one of the best running games in the NFL. This team is loaded. They also almost beat the defending Super Bowl champions twice last year and had to play them three times. A bit more experience means that they have a better shot at getting to the Super Bowl and winning it in 2010.

3. New England Patriots +600 - - Okay, they had a great draft and Tom Brady looks terrific out there and Randy Moss is Randy Moss and, and and…and who replaces Rodney Harrison. Nobody, that’s who, which is the 6 to 1 odds are too low on this team. Other than that, they are loaded everywhere else and would require gamblers to think about a wager in the BetUS online sportsbook at +1000 or higher.

4. Philadelphia Eagles +1600 - - Don’t listen to the “Donovan has nobody to throw to” talk. DeSean Jackson will be much better this year and the running game should be better as well which means that the Eagles won’t have a problem on offense. On defense it could be another story because their guru, Jimmie Johnson, won’t be calling the defensive plays for a while. Still, they’re looking good in a deep NFC and beat the Giants two out of three last year.

5. Indianapolis Colts +1200 - - Peyton bounces back with a stellar year, the defense improves in the cornerback position and Bob Sanders stays healthy, right? Probably not all three things will happen, but if it does, then they could find themselves in the NFC Championship game.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers +900 - - It’s just tough to repeat in football. That’s all there is to it. Winning back to back Super Bowls is very difficult to do. It’s more difficult when you have to play the Baltimore Ravens twice and have one of the toughest schedules in football. They’ve drifted up slightly from their 8 to 1 odds just a few weeks ago.

7. San Diego Chargers +1400 - - I have to back this team because I have to believe that a brilliant offensive guy like Norv Turner will find a way to get both Tomlinson and Sproles onto the field at the same time to really confuse defenses. If Philip Rivers keeps his cool and Shawne Merriman comes back as a fierce defender, then this team has a chance to really improve because their schedule is much softer in 2009-2010 then it was in 2008-2009.

8. Green Bay Packers +2600 - - The Packers get a break in the schedule as well from last year. Not only that, but they should be tougher on defense and Aaron Rodgers won’t be under a microscope this season like in 2008-2009. All of those factors add up to a winning season and a possible NFC North title.

9. New Orleans Saints +2100 - - If Gregg Williams, the Saints new defensive coordinator, does what’s expected, then these guys could really rock and roll in that NFC South Division. No team in the NFL has as explosive of an offense and the defenders are actually very skilled. It’s just a question of maintaining focus surrounded by free flowing booze and skimpily clad women.

10. Chicago Bears +2000 - - The Bears’ odds have drifted some since the Jay Cutler love fest had died down, but that’s a good thing. Cutler’s a winner. That’s what Bears’ fans should concentrate on. Who cares if he’s an a-hole? The guy’s a winner, their running back has a year under his belt, and their defense is still very, very good.

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