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Superbowl Betting

The Superbowl point spread will be listed below once the betting line is announced. Until than check out our super bowl betting write-up.

We all know about betting the point spread and total. Another different type of bet the super bowl offers is the �Proposition� or �Prop.� Props are wagers that are considered to be out of the ordinary. Generally props are only available for big events. The Superbowl is rife with such betting, allowing gamblers the opportunity to put money down on just about anything they can imagine. Popular props for this game include who will win the coin toss, what player will score the first points, what will the score be at the end of the first quarter, and what will be the exact margin of victory? These are just a few of the proposition bets available on the big game.

Why do proposition bets exist for something like the Superbowl? The professional football championship has the potential for a huge amount of action. Knowing this, bookmakers create additional opportunities for bettors in order to exploit as many wagering avenues as they can. It�s all about attracting business and taking in cash. Consider how difficult it is to pick the over/under in the Superbowl. Now think about the chances of picking who will score the first points! Props tend to be based more on whim and chance than anything else, which gives bookmakers quite an edge.
If you�re looking for a long-range wager or an esoteric gamble, you may want to consider putting a couple of sawbucks on a Future or a Prop.

Sports Betting Information

We have plenty of sports betting information at and we have listed a portion of it below. Read up on all you can so you have the greatest advantage over the bookmaker this season!

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