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Reduced Juice Sportsbooks

5Dimes Sportsbook is the top book on the web today and we urge you to read the article below to find out why.

The biggest problem for sports bettors is their lack of ability to approach sports betting for what it is, an investment. With proper money management, self-control, and a good source of winning selections you can lead yourself to tremendous amounts of wealth. For more information on money management check out our article on "money management".

For today we are going to look into some perspectives on "juice" and how by playing with reduced juice you can increase your profits in your sports betting investment. First let us define what juice is for anyone that has no idea what I am talking about. Juice or vigorish is the amount you have to lay at a sportsbook to make a wager. Juice is the bookmakers commission to take your bet and how sportsbooks make their money.

Standard juice is for every $10 a bettor wants to win he is required to risk $11. While that is the standard, we now have a very safe and reliable sportsbook with reduced juice. 5Dimes sportsbook is the best sportsbook on the Internet in my opinion. 5Dimes sportsbook offer reduced juice wagering where you only have to lay 105 on sides. Now a lot of people don't understand how important that reduced juice is in the long run and would much rather take the 20% sign up bonus at another sportsbook. We have illustrated below a table that shows you just how profitable it can be.

For our example we will use 1100 plays a year with a winning percentage of 53%. An average of about 3 plays a day with just a small winning percentage over the break even mark.

Laying the standard 110 for a $100 a game player 
583 wins 517 losses= +1430.00 
Laying 107 for a $100 a game player 
583 wins 517 losses= +2981.00 
Laying 105 for a $100 a game player 
583 wins 517 losses= +4015.00

As you can see a $100 a game player saves $1551 playing at 5Dimes sportsbook saves the player $2585 a year. I don't know of any sportsbooks that are giving that kind of bonus away and if you know of any I would stay far away.

Laying the standard 110 for a $500 a game player 
583 wins 517 losses= +7150.00 
Laying 107 for a $500 a game player 
583 wins 517 losses= +14,905.00 
Laying 105 for a $500 a game player 
583 wins 517 losses= +20,075.00

A $500 a game player saves $12,925 playing at 5Dimes sportsbook over one year. Now how does that 20% sign up or reload bonus sound? Like I tell all of our clients if you are serious about making money betting sports having an account at this book is a must.

Reduced juice is better than any bonus you will ever receive. Both sportsbooks are rock solid and have been in business for over 5 years now. The customer service is excellent and you can get payouts within minutes. Below there are 2 links for both of the books. Get signed up today you and your bankroll won't regret it. Check out our sportsbook reviews on this and a few more online bookies that we support and use to shop for lines.

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