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A lot of handicapping services claim that they are the best, but we are the best sports handicapping service around.  Besides providing winning sports picks year in and year out, there are a number of other reasons why we are the best and here is why.....

1. HARD WORK... There is no one in this industry that is going to outwork us. Sports betting is our life; we eat, drink, and sleep sports, so nothing is going to get by Guaranteed Sports Picks. Being very competitive we also hate to lose, and uncover every angle to be sure that doesn't happen. Handicapping games is not a hobby for us, it is our life blood, its work not play. For example if a group of naked women are standing in front of the team when we are handicapping our premium picks then we are asking them to get us drinks and sandwiches. We don’t have time for fooling around when all of our hard earned money is on the line! This may not be the best analogy but all joking aside, business is business. We don't accept losing predictions and neither should you.

2. NO BS... We are in this for the long haul unlike most other services. Like we said early we never give out a game saying that this is a lock and cannot lose. There is no such thing as a lock, and we know that any game at any time can lose. At Guaranteed Sports Picks we are not touts trying to get as much out of you as we can as fast as we can. We want to make you money year in and year out each season with our sports picks. We consider sports betting a means of investment

3. ROCK SOLID CONTACTS... Over the years we have obtained honest sources to find out where the smart money is headed. Because what most people don't know if there is one thing to respect in this industry it is the wise guys and betting syndicates. We also have established relationships with other sharp handicappers like ourselves. In essence you are getting the sharpest games from a pool of experienced sports bettors.

4. EXPERIENCE... We have over 45 years in the sports handicapping field. Most of these internet Scamdicappers don't have any.  Most of these handicappers and are just cold calling, making outlandish guarantees, and losing your hard earned money.  Stick with us for a little while and see how are free sports picks are better than any so called lock these Scamdicappers might be offering.

5. PRIVACY... We at Guaranteed Sport Picks respects your privacy and will never resell or give your address or telephone number to anyone. A while back our business number somehow got in the hands of a scamdicapper and we couldn't get our number off the list, anyone who has had them before would hate getting those handicapper calls to their house, I would never wish them upon anyone. That is why all plays will be send via email unless YOU request otherwise.  There is no need for us to have you phone number unless you need the picks phoned to you.

6. NO PRESSURE... We will never pressure you into purchasing or betting anything you do not wish to. We are very friendly and are here to make you money. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us or use our Live Chat feature.  No matter how silly you think the question is we are here to educate and help you in any way we can.  So don't be afraid to ask.

7. A LOT SAFER THAN... The stock market. We have a lot of clients who have gotten killed playing the market in the past. If it wasn't for our sports picks a lot of those guys would be in a negative financial bind right now. If you use proper money management and yield a little self-control there is no better investment than our picks.

8. PAY AFTER YOU WIN... Unlike most other handicapping services, we offer our clients an opportunity to view which games we have in our card for the day. YOU the client can pick and choose which matchup winner you would like to receive and the best part is, when are picks are purchased individually, they are on a PAY AFTER YOU WIN basis. So you only pay if our posted play wins, push or tie and you will not pay a cent! Here is our individual pay after you win plays in NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB & NHL.

9. GUARANTEES... We guarantee every package we release to either turn a profit using our picks or you receive equal time free of charge.  Whether it's a day, a week, or a month, nfl, nba, college football, etc. Everything is guaranteed to profit or equal time is given to you free.  That is how confident we are in our picks and why our customer renewal rate is the highest in the industry.

10. WE ACTUALLY WIN... This is a shock to most, but did you know that 99% of all sports bettors lose? Did you also know that 99% of all sports handicapping services are long term losers as well? Betting on sports for a living takes a certain skill that very few have. We have the attributes to beat the books, it is unlikely that your current or past service does.

11. AND FINALLY... This is how we make a living betting our games not selling them. Like a certain commercial says, "I am not just the president but a client too." Bottom line is we have to be doing something right if we had made it all these years.

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